Library, Digital Archive and Document Management

Geology is a very information intensive field. A functional digital archive, document management system and library are a prerequisite for efficient operations and for online applications that use the data. 

GTK will assist you in implementing time- and location-independent modern services that ensure your data is well organised and easily accessible. Our services cover all areas of storing and managing geodata from designing the data management process to training your personnel.

Service content

  • Assessment of the current state and future needs
  • Inventory chart for the archive data
  • Cost calculations for a digital archive compared to the cost of a physical archive
    Process description for digital archive and document management, document lifecycle management solution and classification of documents
  • Planning for the digitisation project, scanning processes, and server-side data management
  • Quality control for the digital data and a guide to CAF self-assessment
  • Production of a data catalogue and metadata (data models and standards)
  • Consulting for the development of digital library services
  • Assisting in the comparison of different library systems and in choosing and procuring the best one

Your benefits

  • Your organisation will be provided with well organised digital long-term data storage solutions and a modern cost-efficient library system with a customer interface.
  • Your library personnel will know their operating environment and its use throughout. They will also have an excellent command of different electronic materials and the most important standards in the field, as well as become masters in searching for information.
  • Your organisation’s data will be secure and quality controlled.
  • You will receive documentation on the process and your organisation will have all the necessary guides and training material.