Production of digital maps and data sets

Utilising artificial intelligence, modelling and data analysis methods and the requirements of data dissemination necessitate the production of quality-controlled maps and data sets. High quality data brings more added value and a systematic data production process makes work easier for your employees.

Digital, well-kept and high-quality data sets are indispensable for all organisations operating in the field of geology.  Our services help in converting geodata sets into a format that ensures that the data can be processed, productised and disseminated. Data projects conducted in cooperation with us will also increase your organisation’s expertise and practical abilities. After the project, employees can independently manage and produce map interpretations and data sets of a higher quality than before.

Data production services

  • Assessment of the current state and future needs
  • Planning for the digitisation project
  • Guidance with equipment procurement, user training
  • Scanning processes
  • Coordinate systems and coordinate transformations
  • Georeferencing and digitisation
  • Quality control for digital data
  • Designing, building and using spatial databases
  • Server-side data management
  • Production of a data catalogue and metadata

Map production services

  • Designing geological maps in accordance with the customer’s needs
  • Spatial databases for the map data
  • Production of maps from existing or new spatial data with spatial data software
  • Improving the quality of existing map for further use
  • Interpretation of the data

Your benefits

  • You will gain quality-controlled data and a digital solution for its storage suited to your needs.
  • The service includes a documented digitalisation and quality improvement process that can be used to further process the data.
  • Your organisation will be able to conduct quality-controlled and independent operations in the future.