Training for mineral potential evaluation

Operating in a new environment and implementing new methods require training.

GTK provides its customers with training related to all aspects of mineral economy services. The training packages are tailored for each customer, and the content can focus on country- or region-specific geological expertise or some geological research method or quality assurance, for example.

In addition to providing training to organisations operating in Finland, we train our customers and partners in other parts of the world as well. Our most popular training internationally is our competency development training. In this training, we build an operative knowledge base for our customer’s organisation and ensure that the customer’s competency increases and that they put their new skills to good use. Methods found useful in practice can then be utilised and developed independently.

Service content

  • Training for all components of mineral economy services based on our customer’s needs
  • Geological surveying, Sampling, Modelling and QA/QC
  • Training focused on mineral economy and geology as well as country-specific competence development training

Your benefits

  • Competent employees make better decisions and are able to function more independently.
  • The country- or region-specific geological expertise of your organisation increases.
  • Building a knowledge base for your organisation increases your competency for providing more services and decreases the need to use subcontractors.
  • A training package suited to your specific needs will be designed, and we will ensure that the skills your employees learn are put to use.