The price list for digital data products


Geological Survey of Finland grants fixed-term, non-exclusive rights to use digital data products within the basic licence (Licence 1) or open licence (Licence 2). Upon granting the rights a data licence agreement is prepared, determining the data covered by the licence, the duration of the licence and the licence fee. The basic licence (Licence 1) entitles the organization to use digital data and make normal back up copies for their own use. The data or parts of it shall not be assigned to another or passed on to third party. In this case the contractual terms applied when granting the rights are determined in GTK´s document “Terms of use of products, mate-rials and services related to them (licence 1)”. This document is always appended with the data licence.

The products specified separately in this price list are being granted within the open licence. The terms for granting products with open licence (Licence 2) are described in the document “The terms of use for products, materials and related services (GTK´s open product licence), that include a right to re-use and modify the material freely”.

When delivering digital data products, GTK charges the client the handling and delivery costs. Only exception is the on-line prod-ucts, which can be downloaded from GTK´s web services. Handling and delivering costs are determined in this price list.

The data licence should always be preceded by an offer procedure. Only the ready data packages and standard products mentioned in this price list can be delivered without the offer procedure. The offer must be accordant to this price list.

The prices in this list are determined according to VAT 24%.

The questions and enquiries related to GTK’s digital data products and price lists can be addressed to

Data updated 31.1.2024