Geological datasets for the benefit of our customers

Diverse geological datasets support decision-making, increase cost efficiency and help to target research, for example the exploration of natural resources.

In a survey published by the Canadian Fraser Institute in February 2020, Finland’s geological datasets were rated as one of the best in the world. The Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) is responsible for the production, maintenance and distribution of geological datasets in Finland. Applications of geological datasets include the exploration of natural resources and the development of their sustainable use, the needs related to civil engineering and land use planning. website is a centralised interface service for browsing and downloading geological documents and geospatial data products. It also includes an online store for data products.

Data generated from previous research, such as various geophysical measurements, sampling data and drilling data linked to geospatial data, and expert analyses based on these, help customers to conduct and target new studies, saving time and money. Through data interface services, customers receive up-to-date geological datasets in their own geospatial data systems.

The reusability of physical samples in the Loppi National Drill Core Archive has been enhanced through systematic improvements in management, which opens up new opportunities for customers to use them.

“Anybody who knows how much time, work and money it takes to get drill core samples or collect various geological field samples and bring them to the laboratory, understands the potential of the datasets”, says Jouni Vuollo, Senior Specialist at GTK.

Data Sets and Online Services – consists of the Hakku search and download service, map services, interface services, GTK library, and sample archives and collections.

“We have been using GTK’s geological datasets since 2007 – practically throughout our history. The high-quality and diverse datasets have helped us to carry out various projects and assignments.” Mathias Forss, CEO, Ab Scandinavian GeoPool Ltd

Hakku service

With the Hakku service, users can retrieve and use a range of geological data products. Downloadable geospatial data products are digitally distributed datasets linked to coordinates, such as deposit data and map files generated from different types of observation and measurement data. Datasets include metadata, which indicates amongst other things, the origin and purpose of the data.

Map services for the mineral sector

GTK’s map services include observation and measurement data and related interpretations.

Mineral Deposits and Exploration is an expert service, customised specifically for the mineral sector. The service provides geological, geophysical and geochemical data and maps, as well as indices that indicate from which datasets more detailed studies are available.

The online Mineral Systems of Finland service contains systematically structured and maintained data on mineral deposits in Finland. Using the online service, specialists can assess, amongst other things, the location of potential mineral deposits.

MPM Online Tool is also available to customers. It enables the use of GTK’s geospatial data products using the spatial analysis functions of the ArcGIS software family and the modelling of potential mineral exploration areas in Northern Finland.

Interface services

Through geospatial data interface services, customers receive up-to-date geological datasets in their own geospatial data systems. Using interface services, geophysical datasets and bedrock map layers can be downloaded.

Research data

During its more than 130-year history, GTK has gathered geological datasets from its own research data and data received from other organisations. Some datasets, such as final reports and complete map and geospatial data products are available for download in the Hakku and download services.

Sample datasets

Some physical samples taken during geological research and raw material resource assessments are archived for later use. Measurement and analysis data based on original sampling needs are stored in GTK’s databases.

The Loppi National Drill Core Archive contains deep drill core samples from more than 37,000 drill sites, some 800,000 bedrock powder analysis samples and more than 82,000 geochemical till samples.

Customers may need to perform new and different analyses and interpretations from previously studied data or samples – more information about this and other uses of datasets is available by emailing