Map Services

GTK’s map services include a large amount of observation and measurement data and related interpretations.

Metallic minerals, industrial minerals and ore prospecting

Mineral Deposits and Exploration (MDaE)

MDaE is an online map service covering Finland and showing the locations of known ore and industrial mineral deposits.

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Fennoscandian Mineral Deposits application, ore deposits database and metallogenic map

Includes mineral deposits, mines, metallogenic maps as well as geological and geophysical maps from the Fennoscandian Peninsula. It also provides links to downloadable map files, a database and summaries of information about critical minerals.

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MPM Online Tool

MPM Online Tool is a web tool for using GTK’s spatial data products with the spatial analysis functions of the ArcGIS software family and for assessing possible ore prospecting areas in northern Finland.

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Mineral Systems of Finland

The online service contains systematically organized and maintained data for various types of mineral systems and aims to support identification of new mineral exploration targets in Finland.

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Bedrock surveying

Bedrock of Finland

A search service providing a seamless map of bedrock in Finland (DigiKP200, 1:200,000 Bedrock map) and geological units, as well as related electronic publications.

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Water management


The Lähde online service collects and provides access to the results of ground water surveys conducted by GTK. The service also includes general information on Finland’s groundwater bodies.

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Soil and bedrock, construction and land use planning

Ground properties

Map services providing the latest information on Finnish ground and bedrock. The map includes an elevation model based on the National Land Survey of Finland’s laser scanning data.

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Acid sulphate soils

The occurrence and characters of the acid sulphate soils in Finland’s coastal regions.

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Ground surveys

A service for viewing and downloading data on ground surveys collected from various sources.

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Geochemical baselines (TAPIR)

The map service calculates regional geochemical baselines in soil on the basis of concentration observations saved in a database.

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Peatland surveys

Mires and peatland

Land use of mires and peatland and surveyed peat resources.

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