Biogeochemical Scenarios (BIKES)

Project research area
Energy Transition​
Project duration
01.03.2019 - 31.01.2023


Biogeochemical Scenarios (BIKES) is part of the VTT-coordinated KYT2022 programme’s ‘Performance of multibarrier system in nuclear waste disposal – Microbiological and chemical processes’ (MoToPro) project package. Overall, MoToPro includes two mutually supportive packages: (1) A laboratory scale test using a copper-bentonite-groundwater system and (2) a field study component comprising of combined microbiological and geochemical bedrock groundwater sampling. In the BIKES project, GTK participates in the design of the laboratory testing portion and in the interpretation of the results, including the characterisation of bentonite and groundwater. GTK is also responsible for the fieldwork portion. Methods of gas sampling and sulphur isotope analysis are also developed in the project. The purpose of the research is to investigate the safety of microbiological processes for the functioning of a multibarrier system for the final disposal of nuclear waste, including the biogeochemical reactions and processes related to the corrosion of copper, the structural changes of bentonite and the transport and retention of substances in bedrock groundwater.

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