Geothermal Energy Innovation

Project research area
Energy Transition​
Project duration
01.01.2020 - 31.12.2023


The project secures and extends the Water management and Low-carbon energy solution sector’s high-level research and development in geothermal energy. Project supports GTK’s role as a leading national researcher of shallow and deep geothermal systems and improve GTK’s awareness with European geothermal energy stakeholders. The specific targets of the project will be planned for the year ahead. The targets are reviewed annually. If the set annual targets are significantly missed due to the inability of the group, the continuation of the project will be critically evaluated and, if necessary, the project may be terminated during the strategic period.

The project will increase new expertise in modeling large data streams in geothermal energy, for example. through machine learning. Project creates new business possibilities on the area of bedrock and groundwater energy utilization in Finland.

Project supports the Finnish Goverments`s and EU`s climate goals in significantly increasing the utilization of renewable geothermal energy.

Project follows and help to achieve goals which are measured in scientific road map of Geothermal energy expertise area.

The project is presented here for a period of one year, so that it is easier to update and change as needed every year. However, the functions presented here are part of a long-term development that partrly began 2-3 years ago.

GTK’s self-financed project.

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