HASUdigi – Managing Acid Sulfate Soils

Project research area
Sustainable Building Changing Environment
Project duration
01.09.2021 - 30.06.2023


The objective of the project is to increase the know-how in acid sulfate soils management among construction and land use planners (e.g., municipality officials and engineering agencies). This will help to minimize risks that might harm nature or underground structures. This aim can be reached by creating suitable digital services, datasets and educational material for the planners. Through the digital database development and data production the project also accumulates acid sulfate soils related information regionally. The work is carried out in four work packages, with the following main objects:

1) Acid sulfate soils and corrosion analysis database
• improves collection and reuse of the analysis data from different construction projects – in the long-term large datasets enables creation of new digital services

2) Education of best practices and digital online learning material
• promotes the use of uniform and high-quality study methods developed in this and previous projects, e.g., EAKR projects
• as a long-term result the damages caused by excavation and heaping of acid soils or underground corrosion will decrease

3) Predictive model for the occurrence of acid sulfate soils
• Based on these probable occurrence areas, more detailed field surveys can be allocated cost effectively
• Increases local operators understanding of the geological characteristics in North Ostrobothnia. This knowledge can be used in recognition of potential risk areas.

4) Detailed mapping
• Detailed ASS (acid sulfate soil) maps are produced on the areas of the interest of Oulu city land use plans, to promote environmentally friendly land use, also benefiting local entrepreneurship. The maps and the analysis data will also help to take in to account the poor qualities off ASS materials for constructions.

Financing: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) via Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in North Ostrobothnia, Oulu city, Geological Survey of Finland and Finnish Environment Institute

Hilkka Kallio, tel. +358 29 503 2241, hilkka.kallio@gtk.fi

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