Marine geological mapping & research

Research area(s)
Changing environment
Project duration
01.01.2020 - 31.12.2020


The purpose of marine geological mapping and research is to provide a knowledge base on the geological structure and quality of the seabed for the very diverse knowledge needs of the society and industry, due to pressures based on the growing interest to sea areas and seabed. The basics and objectives of research and development will be linked with the GTK strategy, which taken into consideration GTK’s marine geological research supports the development of social and economic activities in sea areas, as implementations of EU directives, the Helcom Baltic Sea program, the national strategy for Finnish marine research and the National Maritime Management plan. Information on geological developments and transformation processes in the Baltic Sea can obtained by examining the structures of seabed sediments by means of sounding surveys and sampling methods. The physical status as well as erosion and sedimentation processes of the seabed and the aqueous phase will measured with various research equipment (a suspended particle profiler, a current profiler etc.). Marine geological mapping and research – project will process data collected under the consultant operations to meet the requirements of the GTK data collection as well. The projects will develop seabed research methods (e.g. modelling tools) to respond to acute needs (e.g. seabed geologic persistence/physical immunity indicator) on seabed knowledge. The projects develop and test as pilot studies on new research ideas for the consultant works (e.g. need for marine infrastructures). Within the framework of the marine geological mapping and research – project we will also actively maintain & creates workable collaborative models by networking with public administrations and businesses. The aim is to have a holistic and reliable picture of the seabed geology and environmental circumstances for the developer, constructors and planners of the sustainable use of natural resources. The projects also yield knowledge of an amount of various elements base level as well as environmentally harmful substances in sediments. The marine geological mapping & research project and products can used to promote the design of a multi-use basis planning based on objective research knowledge.

GTK’s self-financed project.

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