Research and Modeling Methods for Mine and Industrial Sites

Project research area
Circular Economy of Minerals​ Sustainable​ Water Resources​
Project duration
01.01.2017 - 31.12.2020


Mines and other industrial sites require increasingly sophisticated environmental management. In the case of mines, problems are often related to the management of large masses of water and wastes. Waters in the crystalline bedrock are crucial for and unique to mine sites as transporters of water. Both mines and other industrial installations also discharge effluents to surface waters. Modern environmental permits limit the concentrations in these discharges to levels that are not toxic to biota or humans but accumulation in sediments may cause problems. This project develops methods and modeling capabilities in five central topics: measurement and modeling of cover structures for (mining) wastes (WP 1), modeling transport, sedimentation, and reactions of effluents discharged to surface water bodies (WP 2), modeling water and solute transport in bedrock (WP 3), new optimization, characterization and testing methods for mining wastes (WP 4), and knowledge on mine waste facilities (definition and development of a database) (WP 5).

GTK’s self-financed project.

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