SETELIT – Secondary Waste Streams, Added Value and Productization


The SETELIT project investigates utilization of mine tailings as a paste backfill material cured with a carbon neutral method in the mining area, and outside the mine sites as a material substituting concrete. The project promotes the circular and energy economies and reduces the environmental risks and landscape impacts created by mining operations. Developed new products and methods can boost the business activities and competitiveness of companies. In addition to these, the project promotes digitalization.

The objectives of the project are:

1. To develop a low-carbon, mine tailings based product similar to concrete, and to create guidelines for end-of-waste process and for productizing mine tailings-based products

2. To promote research services related to paste backfill materials cured with carbon-neutral methods and to enhance infrastructure needed to carry out high quality Flow Loop tests

3. To develop a digital recipe tool for low carbon mine tailings-based products and paste backfill materials

The project is implemented by Geological Survey of Finland GTK and Savonia University of Applied Sciences. Company partners are Agnico Eagle Finland Oy, Yara Suomi Oy, LKAB Minerals Oy, Alva Oy, Sika Finland Oy, Fatec Oy, Fescon Oy and Sibelco Nordic Oy.

The project is co-funded. The project is financed by the implementers, company partners and the EU regional development fund ERDF (the regional council of Pohjois-Savo).

Contact person: Neea Heino

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