Mineral and rock type collection

Summary of dataset content:Samples of domestic and foreign minerals, rock types, precious stones and gemstones, fossils, meteorites, and soil types. Also includes a large collection of simulated diamonds and gold nuggets.
Original application:Obtaining a representative sample collection from Finland and abroad for the purpose of exhibition. Also serves as a reference dataset for research.
Spatial data product related to the dataset:
Analysis information for the dataset:
Volume: Around 2,700 samples, of which approximately 1,400 are on display
Resolution (sample density):-
Geographic coverage:Samples taken from Finland and abroad
Sampling years (time reference):1900-
Physical form and storage conditions for the samples:
Sample identification:Sample code
Resource address:
Location of the dataset:Espoo, Kuopio, Rovaniemi, Loppi
Keywords:minerals, rock types, gemstones, precious stones, gold nuggets
Historical information:
Availability and terms of use / public availability restrictions:Exhibition open to the public
Responsible partyGeological Survey of Finland, geodata gtk.fi
Metadata date:2020-01-17