Geophysical bedrock fracturing and rock quality studies

Geophysical bedrock fracturing and rock quality studies are used as background information and as a tool in planning land use, in site selection for final disposal of waste and in planning engineering and mining projects.

Research data facilitates the planning and steering of construction work and enables a higher accuracy for cost assessments. Schedules can also be planned with more accuracy when the requirements for engineering in the target area are clearly specified.

Bedrock fracturing and rock quality surveys are often also a requirement in permit processes.

Service content

  • Planning for the study
  • Surveying bedrock quality (e.g. fracturing and fracture zones) in the target area of a rock engineering or a rock aggregate project
  • Surveys on bedrock fracturing and rock quality
  • Measurements on land and water areas depending on the method
  • Analysis and interpretation of measurements
  • Reporting: anomaly maps, vertical cross-section images, fracture zone maps, fracture model, bedrock model (as an option), construction suitability maps, 3D visualisations and an assessment on raw material for rock aggregate projects

Your benefits

  • You will gain an understanding on the geophysical properties of the bedrock in your target area, which enables you to more accurately plan your project’s schedule and estimate its costs.