Site selection services

The cornerstone of the nuclear energy industry is ensuring safety throughout the lifecycles of the plants. The first and most important step is ensuring appropriate site selection.

GTK’s geological site selection services assist in choosing the final disposal site of nuclear waste as well as in deciding on a location for constructing a nuclear power plant or other facility. We start by studying existing research material and assessing the general suitability of bedrock for plant construction. After the assessment, the geological criteria of the project are determined based on international and national guidelines. These are then used to find suitable candidate sites. The candidate sites are discussed with the customer and other stakeholders and the most promising locations are selected for a site study.

A survey based on research and extensive expertise–and conducted by an unbiased expert organisation–is key in ensuring your project’s success.

Service content

  • Assessment of the suitability of geological conditions
  • Determining the geological criteria for the future site
  • Planning and coordinating the survey
  • Analysis and management of information
  • Reporting

Your benefits

  • Your organisation will receive a report on the survey conducted by experts that can be used in site selection and planning for further research
  • A comprehensive survey conducted by an unbiased government research institution and based on scientific research boosts your project’s acceptability
  • You will receive support in all geological matters when preparing the documents required by Finnish authorities (e.g. environmental impact assessment procedure, permits)