Stratigraphy studies and characterization of fine-grained sediments

Construction into challenging areas such as deep fine-grained sediments usually include compressive sediments that are weak in strength. Some of these sediments contain sulphide. The properties and structure of each clay layer are highly dependent on the deposition history of the area. A geological survey will shed light on ground conditions.

Service content

  • Production of ground condition information for land use and urban planning and sediment characteristics in order to increase prior knowledge for construction design
  • Interpretation of clay stratigraphy from samples taken out on the field
  • Analysis and interpretation of selected physical and chemical properties of a continuous set of samples
  • 3D modelling of the clay deposit
  • Study of the potential appearance of sulphide clay based on clay basin classification

Your benefits

  • Modeling the results from stratigraphical studies will increase prior knowledge of fine-grained sediment characteristics for construction purposes
  • Cost efficient land use planning and construction design
  • Risk management for construction design in fine-grained sediments