Structural geology and rock mechanics

GTK’s structural geology and rock mechanics services produce a systematic analysis on the target area’s structural geology to verify the area’s properties and to serve as a basis for modelling. Our strengths in this area of research include the versatility of our organisation and the high quality of our research.

The studies identify the structural characteristics and properties and the 3D geometry of the bedrock in the target area, the stability of the bedrock and water flow in bedrock fractures.

The services are divided to two sub-areas. The scientific research conducted in the sub-areas is always based the specific needs of the customer and their target area. Verified research data assists in minimising uncertainties associated with the target area, and the material produced during the studies is useful both in project planning and external communications.

Structural geology studies

  • Structural geologic studies based on outcrop and tunnel surveys and remote sensing, producing a conceptual model
  • Identifying the most significant outcrops and structural geologic analysis
  • Analysing existing structural geologic data
  • Structural geologic characterisation of target area
  • Investigating structural geologic background of target area
  • Surveys on the characteristics of fracturing and faults and the factors affecting their genesis
  • Fault map
  • Compiling of new structural geological data for further research (e.g. modelling)

Analysis of structural geologic and rock mechanics data

  • Analysis of existing and new structural geologic and rock mechanics data
  • Review and validation of structural geologic model/geologic properties of target area
  • Verifying the structural controls of 3D models and minimising uncertainties
  • Identifying the structural controls of the bedrock properties
  • Characterisation of bedrock fracture network
  • Rock mechanical characteristics of fractures
  • Paleostress analysis
  • 3D model validated with structural geology
  • Assessment on the stability of bedrock structures for risk analysis

Service content

  • Planning for the study in cooperation with our customer
  • Collecting existing data and producing new information
  • Coordinating and conducting the studies
  • Analysis and interpretation
  • Information management and reporting for the study. Reporting includes all models and characterization required by the study.

Your benefits

  • You will gain a systematic structural geologic analysis and all necessary geological models.
  • GTK’s extensive scientific expertise supports high-quality research.