Environmental risk assessment

Environmental risk assessment helps you to direct emission management and reduction-related investments more efficiently. Prioritising process improvements and basing the improvements on reliable research data will help you get the most out of your investments, both economically and environmentally.

The assessment is based on the normal operating conditions of the production process and is conducted, for example, during the EIA procedure. During the analysis, we measure the concentrations of any harmful substances, survey their routes and identify their sources. After the assessment, we provide you with a report on the environmental risks present in your operation.

Assessments of ecological risks and health hazards can also be made during the environmental risk assessment. These assessments are provided by GTK’s partner organisations.

Service content

  • Identifying our customer’s needs.
  • Identifying pre-existing sources of emissions, the form of the emissions (state of matter), their quantity (concentrations) and pathways in the environment. Soil, sediment, surface water and groundwater are studied when identifying the pathways.
  • As an option, a broader risk analysis can be conducted with our partners.

Your benefits

  • You will gain information on the environmental effects and risks of your operation which enables you to take action to prevent them.
  • You will receive a research report focusing on the aspects that are most crucial to your specific operation.
  • You will gain information on what to prioritise, and what investments are the most important.