Geological surveys of seafloor

Marine construction projects include unique geological challenges and risks. Geological information and proper planning are vital for the projects’ success and in keeping costs under control.

Geological surveying is a central component in site selection processes and the characterisation of the project, and in minimising risks at each phase.

GTK provides reliable and unbiased information produced with the most suitable methods on the geological structure, sedimentation, erosion, and environment of the seafloor. Our marine geology unit is an independent expert team with a significant national role in increasing competence in the field, as well as maintaining this.

In addition to infrastructure construction, the information is needed in assessing the environmental impact and the state of the marine environment. Thorough surveying also makes construction projects more likely to be viewed as socially acceptable.

Research areas

  • Surveys concerning harmful substances
  • Seafloor sediment surveys
  • Surveys for seafloor construction projects
  • Environmental seafloor surveys

Service content

  • Defining our customer’s needs and agreeing on the scale of the survey
  • Planning and coordinating the geological surveys and conducting them
  • Geological survey on the structure of the seafloor: sounding, sampling, analysis, sediment layers, sediment surveys, seafloor quality map
  • Reporting and interpretation of the results

Your benefits

  • You avoid unpleasant surprises, and your infrastructure project will stay on schedule and within its budget. You know exactly what you are doing.
  • You ensure your project meets all regulations.