Fieldwork for mineral potential surveys

Fieldwork means putting into practice the plans made for your project and research. The service consists of all necessary surveys, measurements, sampling, analysis, interpretations and reporting for the selected area. We conduct fieldwork according to the best practices in the field.

Fieldwork can be carried out in cooperation with our customer’s contractors and GTK’s partners. GTK will assist in the selection of and tendering process for suitable contractors. Our extensive experience with contractors in Finland will also help in putting together an efficient team, managing the team and in method selection.

In the analysis and research stage, you can take full use of GTK’s local expertise, resources and experience with the characteristics of the Finnish bedrock. Sampling methods are selected in accordance with international standards.

Service content

  • Selection of contractors and tendering
  • Geological surveys of bedrock, ground and structures
  • Planning for geochemical sampling, carrying out the sampling and processing the results
  • Geophysical measurements, processing and interpretation
  • Drill core reporting and renting facilities for the reporting
  • Auditing and quality assurance for the project

Your benefits

  • Selecting contractors and putting together a team is easier.
  • You will gain a reliable geological basis to support decision-making.
  • Your project will run smoothly and in schedule with the most suitable contractors.
  • Results are in accordance with international standards and quality requirements.