Modelling for mineral potential surveys

2D and 3D modelling increase your understanding on structural geology and provide a comprehensive overview on your ore prospecting project.

Modelling facilitates identifying potential areas as well as targeting sampling and drilling with ore-type-specific indicators. Targeting based on modelling reduces costs and the investments necessary for fieldwork.

GTK’s modelling services include prospectivity modelling, zone modelling and geological 3D modelling. The services also include the creation and use of a mineral system model. Modelling is done by GTK’s experts, who use their knowledge of regional characteristics in their interpretations.

Service content

  • Geological prospectivity modelling, zone modelling and 3D modelling, including an interpretation on structures
  • Creating and utilising a mineral system model: regional geology, structures, tectonics, metamorphosis and changes

Your benefits

  • You will be provided with a model based on existing data on your target area’s mineral potential and the factors affecting in.
  • Reduced costs from targeted sampling, geophysical measurements and drilling.