Managed Aquifer Recharge surveys

When used properly, managed aquifer recharge (MAR) is an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient solution for sustainable water management in areas where natural groundwater reserves are not sufficient to meet the demand placed on the water supply.

Artificially infiltrated groundwater is produced by increasing the natural yield of a groundwater basin by, for example, infiltrating untreated or pre-treated surface water into the aquifer or by collecting water during the rainy season and recharging the aquifer with it in a controlled manner.

Managed aquifer recharge can be used to overcome the challenges of growing water demand in Finland and globally. MAR solutions enable year-round sustainable water management in areas, where the amount of rainfall is not consistent throughout the year and dry seasons are becoming longer due to climate change. MAR solutions can also help with controlling or confronting challenges arising from the overuse of groundwater, such as salinisation and land subsidence.

Service content

  • Geological and hydrogeological surveys for the MAR project (MAR feasibility study)
  • Groundwater flow modelling
  • Geochemistry of the artificially infiltrated groundwater
  • Tracer studies
  • Isotope studies

Your benefits

  • You will be able to assess whether the aquifer is suitable for MAR.
  • You will gain information on how MAR will affect the groundwater flow, the yield of the aquifer and the quality of natural groundwater.
  • You will ensure that MAR is safe for the environment.