Reactive transport modelling

The processes for utilising natural resources cause stress on the environment. Conducting research and preparing models in advance reduces the environmental load of the activities, and the information gained can be used to build and optimise a process that is environmentally sustainable.

Reactive transport modelling comprises a spatial assessment of concentrations as a time series and a study of the changes in concentrations and compounds as a function of time. The result is a comprehensive overview that includes the results of chemical and mineralogical tests, and their interpretations. These studies require extensive expertise, and GTK offers them as an unbiased service provider, which is unique on a global scale.

The results of reactive transport modelling are used, for example, in the selection and optimisation of water treatment methods. The information can also be used to direct equipment and construction investments to ensure that they cover potential risks that will bring extra costs if they ever materialise.

Systematically identifying and minimising the risks of a mining operation as early as possible makes the operation more likely to be accepted by society and the operation’s various stakeholders.

Service content

  • The survey will identify the transport of matter and the reactions taking place during it in a 2D/3D environment.
  • Hydrogeological survey to serve as a basis for the flow model.
  • A hydrochemical study to gather initial data for the reactive transport model
  • A mineralogical study to gather initial data for the reactive transport model
  • Water flow and substance concentration modelling, based on the distribution coefficients
  • Reactive modelling
  • Reporting and interpretation of the results

Your benefits

  • The research results will enable you to estimate the emissions of your mining operation and their effects on the environment. You will ensure that your operation is environmentally sustainable.
  • You will gain an understanding of the key investments required for preventing environmental risk. You will gain the required information for planning emission management measures.
  • Your mining operation is more likely to be seen as socially acceptable.