Surveying the effect of anthropogenic factors on water bodies

Sediment surveys are always necessary when planning operations that might have an effect on water bodies. The need to survey sediment in water bodies is highlighted when assessing the environmental impact of a large-scale mining operation.

GTK has the largest background material in Finland on the geochemical and qualitative properties of sediment in water bodies. In addition, the properties of sediment in water bodies can be associated with other soil and bedrock properties. With this information, we are able to conduct a comprehensive and consultative survey that will help your organisation to meet the requirements set by the Environmental Protection Act and permit processes. The survey will also help ensure that our customer organisation’s employees and other stakeholders know that the operation is in line with the values of sustainability.

Service content

  • Survey planning: sediment and water quality surveys, geochemical properties and other measurable or qualitative properties of the sediment, map of sediment types
  • Conducting the survey
  • As the survey progresses and information is gathered, possible needs for more specific information are discussed
  • Reporting in accordance with applicable standards
  • Applied special surveys and map products for the survey site

Your benefits

  • Surveying the effect of anthropogenic factors on water bodies is necessary to fulfil the requirements for an environmental permit.
  • The survey process and results will act as guidelines to ensure your operations are in line with legislation concerning the environment and the values of sustainable growth.