Hydrogen UnderGround (HUG)

Project research area
Geoenvironment​ Energy Transition​
Project duration
01.01.2024 - 31.03.2026


The project Hydrogen UnderGround (HUG) aims at investigating the possibilities for construction and use of underground hydrogen storage in Finland. The need for a large storage capacity is linked to the development of the hydrogen economy, as it can be used to even out fluctuations in the amount of supply and guarantee steady availability of hydrogen for industrial use. Development of hydrogen storage solutions is part of the green transition, which aims at reducing the progression of climate change. The project involves the site selection for the underground storage, research, planning, technology, excavation, construction and operating processes, as well as the surrounding economic reviews, life cycle, and safety and also operating models to balance supply and demand. Even though the world already has functioning underground hydrogen storage facilities, the bedrock in Finland is different from the currently operating sites.

The HUG-project is funded by Business Finland, the participating companies and the research organizations VTT and GTK.

VTT is leading the project. GTK’s contribution focuses on the geological characterization of the sites.

The project also includes international cooperation for solving the research questions.

Contact person: Teemu Lindqvist

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