The Biosphere Laboratory of Eastern Finland (Biosphere Lab)

Project research area
Project duration
01.01.2023 - 31.12.2025


The Biosphere laboratory of Eastern Finland (Biosphere lab) is a consortium project of the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) and the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK). Main aim of the project is to improve and modernize the research infrastructure of two leading research institutions located in Eastern Finland. Infrastructure purchased in course of the project will be elemental in supporting the development of globally leading research conducted in Eastern Finland in biosphere-atmosphere interactions, environmental health, emission control, and biological and biogeochemical responses to disturbances and management. Importantly, the Biosphere lab will support adaptation of agriculture and forestry to climate change. It will strengthen the ongoing and creates new collaboration between different research units and the private sector within Finland and internationally.

To enable field observations, extensive ecosystem scale field experiments and targeted experiments in controlled laboratory conditions, the Biosphere lab consists of two laboratory modules: a stationary controlled condition laboratory module (two units) and a mobile laboratory module (two units). Complementary data management module enables valuable collected data to be visualised, transferred online and made available for both scientific and public use.

The Stationary controlled laboratory module (UEF) is formed by two units: plant growth chambers unit to experiment soil fluxes and plant growth in a controlled environment, and a laboratory biomass open firing setup unit to simulate natural fires that allow targeting specific questions on emissions, controls, and management of carbon fluxes. The laboratory open firing setup unit enables simulations of natural fires in small-scale and controlled conditions. It enables simulations of similar fire events in the controlled laboratory conditions as occur and/or are carried out on the field (wildfires, experimental fires, prescribed burnings), and thereby strongly supports the field studies of natural fires.

The Mobile laboratory module with GHG and VOC units allows targeting related questions in field conditions and gives a wider perspective and realism for the results received from the laboratory module. The base of the mobile GHG unit shared by GTK and UEF will be a trailer equipped with portable analyzers for GHG flux measurements (N2O, CH4/CO2, CO2/H2O). It also has facilities for soil and plant sample preparation and short-term cold storage. The mobile VOC unit (UEF) will provide unique accessibility to treetop level via a trailer-mounted mobile working platform, enabling VOC measurements and other plant and invertebrate sampling. The unit is dedicated to measure early signals of stress in plants (trees, crop plants, mosses) that may reflect their physiological condition, growth, and capacity to bind carbon.

The project is implemented by: Geological Survey of Finland and University of Eastern Finland.

Source of funding: Academy of Finland RRF local research infrastructures.

Contact person: Maija Lampela

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