GTK is the pinnacle of geological expertise

Ilkka Martinkauppi, Researcher

Researcher Ilkka Martinkauppi has worked in geoenergy research at GTK’s Kokkola office for 12 years. Ilkka specializes in measuring bedrock with a fibre-optic sensing method that uses a DTS system. He has several work sites around Finland, from Kittilä to Espoo. Ilkka is the chair of Kokkola’s employee club Nööri.

“We plan local recreational activities to GTK’s employees. We spend time together and have hobby- and sports-related activities. We go to movies, theatre and concerts, for example. There are also joint events between all GTK employee clubs. The clubs take part in the Jukola and Venla relays together, for example. In GTK’s own geology tournament Geoturnaus, all clubs meet to compete. I am also the deputy shop steward for the Kokkola office. The wellbeing of our personnel is something I see as important. I like spending time with people and helping them”, says Ilkka.

As an inquisitive person who is passionate about his job, Ilkka feels that GTK is the best place to work at for him.

“There aren’t too many jobs in my field, i.e. geophysics, in Finland. GTK is the largest, most respected and most reliable employer in the field. Even when I was still a student, I was thinking that I wanted to work at GTK one day. Here I can concentrate on research. My job is not only project based; I have the opportunity to work on broader concepts as well. At GTK, I have the chance the improve myself and my expertise, and I get to do it with other experts, my colleagues. GTK has great international connections, which is something many consulting firms cannot offer. I want to help Finnish businesses succeed. It’s also nicer to meet with customers when I’m acting as an unbiased party and can always suggest the best solution from the customer’s point of view”, Ilkka adds.

Ilkka is proud that he has been part of the efforts to bring the use of DTS equipment, used in temperature monitoring, to Finland.

“When I started working here, GTK had just procured two DTS systems. I was advised to learn how to use the equipment and to come up with ways to use them in our research. I feel proud to have been a part of bringing this new method into use in Finland. I get to use it to help our customers and tell other people about the technology as well. Using DTS systems is a big thing even on a global scale”, Ilkka says.

Ilkka sees GTK as a great employer that offers its employees versatile career paths.

“As an employer, GTK is versatile, international and current. We have been recruiting many young and newly graduated people. We offer them a path to professional excellence and the best tools to achieve it, as well as opportunities to advance in their career and to improve themselves. At the GTK, those who want responsibility and are capable of accepting it, will be given just that.”

Ilkka’s work in geoenergy has direct effects on the wellbeing of our planet.

“Taking part in producing green energy that’s been put in the ground by our Sun is very important to me. Renewable energy is good for Finland and, moreover, it’s good for the Earth. I love the Finnish nature, so it’s pretty great to work with something that will benefit it as well as the generations to come. I really feel like my work matters”, says Ilkka.

Ilkka feels that things at the GTK are only getting better.

“We are moving into an even more international direction with our research activities. We have a youthful and diverse group of geoenergy experts. We conduct research that is in line with the values of sustainability”, Ilkka says.

Ilkka sees GTK as the pinnacle of geological expertise.

“If you work in the field of geology, then this is the best place you could ever work at. GTK provides the best environment to create a versatile career from straight out of school until retirement. GTK is a great place for people from other fields than geology as well. We get to work with a variety of different people and tackle the most interesting challenges. Every day is different. You’ll never be bored again once you join us at GTK!” Ilkka summarizes.