From master’s thesis research to managerial duties

Nina Leppäharju, Team Manager
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Geophysicist Nina Leppäharju is a team manager at GTK and has worked in geoenergy and geothermal heat for 12 years.

“When I was still a university student, I was given the opportunity to write my master’s thesis on geothermal heat as a commission for GTK. I really wanted to work at GTK since there are many interesting duties here in the field of geothermal heat.

In addition to geothermal heat, Nina likes people.

“The best thing about GTK is that I get to work both with topics related to geothermal heat and with people. My work is diverse and involves cooperating both with our customers and my co-workers. My colleagues are all experts with vast knowledge in our field. It’s really great”, says Nina.

Nina thinks that GTK’s new strategy is unique, as it strongly emphasises matters related to the environment, climate change and water management.

“I am particularly proud that I get to be involved in developing geoenergy solutions that help combat climate change and in researching renewable coal-free options for Finland to use. The information produced here at GTK is very important in all this”, says Nina.

Nina is pleased with her versatile duties and the opportunities for personal development GTK offers.

“GTK is a great employer. When I started, I had just finished my master’s degree in geophysics. After that I worked as an expert in geothermal heat and now, I am a team manager and I get to develop my leadership skills. GTK has supported me in my managerial role by providing team manager training. We team managers also keep in touch and act as a peer support group for each other”, says Nina.

Nina thinks that GTK is a great place to work for all kinds of people.

“I would recommend GTK to a variety of people. Our team is full of different kinds of personalities. Others like to do their research on their own in peace, and others like to work in a group and with customers. We have all still found a suitable role at GTK”, Nina concludes.