Circular Raw Materials Research Infrastructure (RAMI)

The circular Raw Materials research Infrastructure (RAMI) contributes to the implementation of GTKs’ strategy by fuelling research and innovation and supporting several of GTKs focus areas.

In GTK, RAMI includes the laboratories of X-Ray computed tomography (XCT) and the recently ordered Field Emission gun electron probe microanalyzer (FEG-EPMA). These laboratories were established to conduct cutting edge research and innovation with the support of top-notch scientific experts.

To fully exploit the potential of RAMI’s research infrastructure and increase its impact, and in accordance with GTKs values of openness and collaboration, we cooperate with all parts of the research triangle (Aalto-VTT-GTK), involving education, business and governmental actors, nationally as well as on a European level. In addition, we continuously strengthen our research environment to ensure sustainable operations and coordination with our partners as well as economic competitiveness and increase RAMIs added value to society.

Please visit our RAMI laboratory webpages below for further information and how to access these facilities:


Field Emission gun electron probe microanalyzer (FEG-EPMA), Under construction