Geophysical Laboratory

Geophysical laboratory measurements provide information on physical properties of bedrock and soil. In addition to direct geological applications, the measurements are vital for geophysical interpretation and modelling.

The basic measurements comprise density, magnetic susceptibility and remanent magnetization, which are carried out at two sites, Espoo and Rovaniemi. Electrical resistivity measurements are also carried out at these sites. In addition, the Espoo laboratory provides special measurement services. These comprise paleomagnetic, rock magnetic and anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS) measurements, as well as measurements of porosity, P-wave velocity and geothermal measurements (thermal conductivity, specific heat capacity and diffusivity) and determination of gamma-ray radiation of soil samples. The laboratory has drills and orientation devices for field sampling, and different machines for rock preparation.

Basic petrophysical measurements

Special measurements (Espoo laboratory)