Finnish Geosciences Research Laboratory

The Finnish Geosciences Research Laboratory (Suomen geotieteiden tutkimuslaboratorio, SGL) is an important international networking locus in the field geology. SGL provides an excellent environment for high-quality research. The lab develops and disseminates information on new research methods and the opportunities they present.

Founded in 2014, the lab is a large-scale joint project of GTK, Aalto University, University of Helsinki, University of Turku, University of Oulu and Åbo Akademi University. SGL’s aim is to maintain geoscience research in Finland at an international level. The laboratory also helps in the mapping of mineral potential in Finland by providing accurate rock dating and method development.

Nanotechnology research with shared equipment

At the core of the SGL cooperation are the recently installed field emission scanning electron microscope reaching nano-scale accuracy in analysing structures and the high resolution inductively coupled plasma spectrometer for detecting infinitesimal concentrations directly from specimens, as well as the laser ablation multi-collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer procured at an earlier date.

Mineralogy and particles
Field emission scanning electron microscope FE-SEM

Trace elements and geochronology
Single collector high resolution mass spectrometer SC-IPC-MS

Isotope ratios
Multi-collector mass spectrometer MC-ICP-MS

SGL Calendar (access to all SGL partners)

SGL – transferring experience-based knowledge to young researchers

One of SGL’s central goals is to assist in the professional development of a new generation of researchers by offering networking opportunities and mentoring. In the lab, young researchers can conduct research together with experienced researchers. This way, the knowledge that can be gained only via practice is transferred to the new generation and becomes a natural part of the younger researchers’ work.



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