Research that goes beyond scratching the surface

Teemu Lindqvist

Geologist Teemu Lindqvist has been working at GTK in construction geology and energy infrastructure site selection tasks since 2017.

“The best thing about this job is that I get to influence the planning and decision-making of significant construction and energy projects by bringing in the latest knowledge based on geological research. At the same time, I get to delve deeply into bedrock development and area-specific characteristics and develop the science. We help our partners understand geological information based on research in a general way, which streamlines the planning of construction,” Teemu says.

The research approach is close to Teemu’s heart.

“I wanted to work for GTK because the challenges here are tackled in depth and on a broad basis, taking into account the latest scientific developments and know-how,” Teemu says.

Teemu feels that he has developed in GTK while working in many different areas.

“It is fascinating to be involved in the megatrends of urbanisation and clean energy transition through the organisation. In my work, I have also reached the top of the digital leap. For example, I have developed into a specialist in new methods of 3D modeling,” Teemu says.

Teemu believes that GTK is flexible and research-oriented as a workplace.

“It is great that we are looking for explanations for the matter researched in greater depth than usual. The personnel here is great. We are many ages old and it is really nice to be working here!” Teemu explains excitedly.

Working and career development is important for Teemu.

“My own expertise has increased tremendously in communicating stakeholders, such as engineers, about geoscientific topics. My negotiation skills have also developed. In addition, I have learned a lot about utilizing new mapping and measurement methods,” Teemu lists.

Geological processes have affected the Earth throughout its existence. In Teemu’s opinion, understanding geology brings enormous added value to construction.

“Understanding different geological processes, such as the impact of faults on land-surface shapes through glaciations, has been enlightening. Or how the movement of water in the bedrock can be understood, and how it affects construction. How does the rock hold together if a tunnel is being excavated, for example. Understanding brings cost-effectiveness and realism to construction,” Teemu says.

In the future, Teemu expects to be able to delve further into stakeholder cooperation and understanding bedrock cleavage.

“I hope that I can continue to be involved in such great projects as Seismic risk, in which we dived deep in the risk of deep geothermal thermal power plants causing induced earthquakes. Geology was a key element in that, and in light of the new information, we can better identify suitable locations for geothermal power plants to excelerate the energy transition,” Teemu says.

Teemu recommends GTK as a workplace for people who like a research approach.

“Research is the red thread of doing things here. In addition, this job is suitable for anyone with a strong thirst for knowledge,” Teemu concludes.