Seeing that your work makes a difference is motivating

Teppo Arola, Chief Expert
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Teppo Arola has worked as chief expert in geoenergy at GTK for three years.

“I work in geoenergy-related tasks from basic research to customer projects. This is a rather new research area. Even though geology is a very traditional scientific field, there are always new developments, which makes it an exciting field. It’s great to see that our experts are part of developing this new discipline in the right direction straight off the bat”, says Teppo. 

Teppo came to GTK from the private sector and he feels that transferring to GTK was a unique chance in Finland to work in a research institute and be a part of innovation in the field.

“What I’m most proud of is that I get to work with colleagues who are smarter than me – and I can keep up with them! We provide our customers with elegant solutions that are better than they expected. Having a satisfied customer is a great feeling. It is also great receiving thanks from inside GTK as well as from the customer”, says Teppo.

Teppo feels that as an employer, GTK is a continuously evolving, dynamic and agile research institution.

“Even though when compared to private consulting firms GTK is a large and robust organisation, as a research institution it is very dynamic. Our team is very young, and we can adapt to changes quickly. We’re at the forefront of geoenergy. Sometimes the work takes some patience, but it is always rewarding”, says Teppo.

Teppo feels that what sets GTK apart from the private sector is the fact that at GTK, there is time for development.

“Here I can really take the time that is needed to collect all the relevant information and refine it, and to innovate. Through my work I have really improved both in the scientific method and in closing the gap between scientific research and a customer-oriented approach.

Teppo feels motivated when his work has a large effect on his surroundings.

“Geoenergy is a very new thing. It’s great to work in the field of renewable energy. The information we produce powers up coal-free solutions like a million volts! It feels good, when your work has an effect on such an important issue”, says Teppo enthusiastically.

Teppo predicts that the future holds constant change: the world is changing and GTK will change with it.

“I see us as an agile operator that will always be a reliable expert organisation. We know how to produce new information for our customers and how to communicate about that information in an easily understandable way”, says Teppo.

Teppo recommends GTK to all innovative people with a burning desire for self-improvement and lifelong learning.

“GTK provides excellent opportunities for personal development. It’s all up to us and how active we are. GTK is a great choice for anyone who is future-oriented and understands the changes we are facing”, Teppo summarizes.