Engineering geological soil and bedrock surveys

Engineering geological soil and bedrock surveys produce easy-to-understand background information for land use planning.

The surveys have many functions: they produce initial data for land use planning, construction projects and 3D modelling, they can be used to identify landfill areas and estimate their quality and they provide a good overview on the soil structure of an area.

Understanding the structure of soil and bedrock assists in making sustainable choices in construction projects.

Service content

  • Includes an engineering geological survey conducted as fieldwork and the creation of a map on an agreed scale
  • Description of soil types as polygons with a depth of 1 metre
  • Information on the properties of bedrock in the area and its fragmentation
  • Creation of a map together with, for example, an elevation model
  • Report on the surveyed area

Your benefits

  • You gain an in-depth understanding of your target area and factors related to soil and bedrock affecting construction in the area.
  • You avoid unpleasant surprises.