Water treatment and selective recovery pilots

The ultimate goal of water treatment is a waste-free treatment process that recycles all the chemicals used in the process.

Production conditions vary, which is why each production process requires a tailored water treatment process. The efficiency of the chemicals and methods used in water treatment depend on the properties of the water and soil.

In a pilot project the need for treatment, the efficiency of different methods and how the process must be optimised are researched on a smaller scale. The results of the research help with the planning of a functional full-scale process and in ensuring the conditions of environmental permits are met.

As our customer, you will be provided with documented reference material for the comparison and implementation of different treatment methods. Any innovation born during the research phase can be commercialised to be used at other sites as well.

For a mining company, conducting pilot studies on water treatment methods before starting your operation is a sign of commitment to conducting business in a way that is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Service content

  • We identify your organisation’s needs and go over the internal and external requirements set for water treatment.
  • We create a water treatment pilot project suitable for your site in cooperation with the supplier network and experts from your organisation.
  • We run pilot scenarios and optimise the process – and receive immediate analysis results.
  • We report our observations and recommendations to you. The research report includes a comparison between the different scenarios, an assessment of the risks involved with each method and our recommendation for the method of water treatment.

Your benefits

  • The pilot project results will enable you to make informed decisions when choosing the water treatment method for your operation.
  • The results will also ensure that the conditions of your mining project’s environmental permit are met.
  • You will be provided with a plan for how to implement to your production process the methods identified as most suitable for your operation during the pilot project.