Bedrock sample analysis powders

Summary of dataset content: Processed rock power taken from various bedrock samples (e.g. core samples, rock piece and block samples) for the purpose of chemical analyses. Includes e.g. ore exploration sample dataset received from Outokumpu Oy and the GTK lithogeochemical dataset.
Original application: Specifications of mineralogical composition and chemical elements.
Geographical information product related to the dataset: Mineral geochemical dataset (Hakku)
Analysis information for the dataset: Chemical analyses have been conducted on the samples. The results of these analyses can be found from the databases (archives prior to 1995).
Volume: approx. 800,000
Resolution (sample density): target scale
Geographic coverage: National
Sampling years (time reference): Ongoing since the 1970s?
Physical form and storage conditions for the samples: Rock powders in small plastic containers (or bags)
Sample identification: Order number, geologist and year
Resource address:
Location of the dataset: Loppi, Rovaniemi, Kuopio
Keywords: bedrock, geochemical studies, chemical analysis ….
Historical information:
Availability and terms of use / Public availability restrictions: According to the agreement.
Responsible organization: Geological Survey of Finland,
Metadata date: 2015-07-15