Pollen preparations

Summary of dataset content: Comprises the reference collection for pollen (1400) in addition to the model collection (1000) and various samples taken from commissioned surveys (1500).
Resource address: Pollen samples are used for determining climate and flora development during the Ice Age and post-Ice Age period.
Geographical information product related to the dataset:
Analysis information for the dataset:
Volume: 3,000
Resolution (sample density): target scale
Geographic coverage: Irregular, target scale
Sampling years (time reference):
Physical form and storage conditions for the samples:
Sample identification:
Resource address:
Location of the dataset: Kuopio
Keywords: bioindicators, pollen…
Historical information:
Availability and terms of use / Public availability restrictions: According to the agreement.
Responsible organization: Geological Survey of Finland, geodata_gtk.fi
Metadata date: 2015-07-15