Type samples for bedrock surveys

Summary of dataset content: For the purpose of making bedrock maps, usually grab samples taken with a rock hammer from surface of the outcrop. Samples are taken from the rock types typical for the area and from special rocks that require further examination.
Original application: Determination of rock type that also uses support from other methods such as, for instance, microscopic examination (thin sections) and chemical analyses (from powders).
Geographical information product related to the dataset: Bedrock survey 1:100 000 dataset
Analysis information for the dataset: An observation form is usually available for the sampling site that can be found from the terminal archive. Thin (light-permeable) microsection preparations have often been made from the samples for studying mineralogical composition, and chemical analyses often conducted.
Volume: 191,000
Resolution (sample density): Irregular
Geographic coverage: National
Sampling years (time reference): Ongoing since the 1940s?
Physical form and storage conditions for the samples: Rock samples (grab samples) packed in plastic or wooden crates
Sample identification: Sample number (geological code-year-sequential number)
Resource address:
Location of the dataset: Drill Core Archive in Loppi, partly also in Rovaniemi and Kuopio
Keywords: geology, bedrock, mapping, samples
Historical information: http://tupa.gtk.fi/paikkatieto/meta/kalliopera_100k.html
Availability and terms of use / Public availability restrictions: According to the agreement.
Responsible organization: Geological Survey of Finland, geodata_gtk.fi
Metadata date: 2015-06-08