DroneSOM – Drone Geophysics and Self-Organizing Maps

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01.05.2022 -


The DroneSOM project’s goal is to commercialize drones to collect gravity and electromagnetic data and interpret the collected data with integration and modeling software. The project is co-funded by EIT RawMaterials. The project is coordinated by Geological Survey of Finland (GTK), with partners of RADAI Oy, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), and Beak Consultants GmbH. The work packages (WP0-WP6) are led by the partners based on their expertise in advanced technologies for geophysical measurements and interpretion of data for mining applications:

  • GTK (Finland): Project management (WP1) and Dissemination and communication (WP2)
  • RADAI (Finland): Go-to-market strategy (WP0), drone development, and main commercialization partner of the project
  • DTU (Denmark): Professional development and education (WP3) and development of drone-based measurement of gravity (DTU) and electromagnetic data (RADAI) (WP4)
  • BEAK (Germany): Drone geophysical data integration software (WP5) and Product demonstration validation (WP6). The data integration software development is done with different self-organizing maps (advangeo® Prediction– 3D self-organizing maps (BEAK) and with GISSOM – 2D self-organizing maps (GTK)). 3D geophysical electromagnetic inversion is also developed in WP5 by GTK.

The duration of the project is 3 years, which includes field measurements with drones in multiple various locations (Finland, Germany, and Greenland) and data integration using the software. The outcome will be a combination of drone services and software products that are developed suitable for geophysical measurements and data interpretation for commercial use.

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DTU long-range drone operations in Greenland, 2018. (left). Data integration workflow, GTK, 2018 (right).


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