EMeraldinho – Stimulating Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Resources Engineering

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01.01.2022 - 31.12.2024


EMeraldinho aims at developing the entrepreneurial mindset and stimulating innovation among the students enrolled in the EIT-labelled Master in Resources Engineering (EMerald). Through a series of extra activities (business school, field trips, job day, ESG seminars, innovation camps, etc.), the project will foster a cross-disciplinary collaborative environment. EMeraldinho actively involves a large RIS region (Adria) in teaching and coaching. The EMerald Master in Resources Engineering is part of EIT Raw Materials Academy. It welcomes students from all continents and offers a unique cross-disciplinary education by blending geosciences with engineering and by addressing both primary and secondary resources. Students are exposed to the most recent innovation and to forefront research questions by participating into several innovation camps, field trips and business school that stimulate their creativity and entrepreneurial mindset. The participation of industry in redesigning the curriculum and providing internship experiences is a key component of the program.

The EMeraldinho project contributes to involve RIS (South-Eastern Europe) partners, to develop hybrid and virtual teaching methods and to provide an annual business school and innovation workshop for both students and teaching staff. It also supports active communication and networking actions to make sure EMerald graduates are recognized worldwide in the professional community.

By opening its partnership in education, the consortium is setting a stepstone for its future European strategy joining forces of both Erasmus Mundus, EIT and European Universities initiatives into a meaningful and long lasting educational offer.