Hattu Schist Belt 3D Mineral System (Hattu 3D)

Projektin tutkimusalue
Kriittisten raaka-aineiden saatavuus
Projektin kesto
01.01.2018 - 30.06.2020


The project “Hattu Schist Belt 3D Mineral System (Hattu 3D)” aimed at developing intelligent data integration methodologies to analyse newly acquired and existing data for the benefit of gold exploration and companies exploiting gold resources. Multi-sourced geophysical and geological 2D and 3D deep drill core data included infra-red and hyperspectral data acquired with modern technology, which was combined with existing reprocessed geophysical, geological and geochemical GIS and drill core data from different owner sources and data platforms. The Hattu Mineral District, situated in North Karelia, Finland, is an emerging gold-producing area in the western part of the Archaean Karelian Province of the Fennoscandian Shield. Analogies of this type of Archaean province having gold potential may be found in Australia and Canada.